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Relax, explore and see where the place takes us..

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For the next few days we stuck to our plan well; relax, explore and see where the place takes us. Every morning we would eat too much, float around in the pool, discuss different points and tips that our guide books recommended, quickly forget about them and instead pick a direction to head for the day, it was clear we were in holiday mode! We are not saying this plan was bullet proof, we did end us up on a 6 lane main road both of us holding on tightly in our swimmers looking for the best option to get the hell out of there, as well as leading us through a rainforest on a dirt road and nearly getting pushed off the side of the road by a large truck that came swinging around the corner. But it did lead us to a number of amazing beaches on the Northern and Southern sides of Patong, one in particular was Paradise beach, the name couldn't have fitted the destination better.


It was hidden throughout the rainforest in a little cove and the view looked out to to the fishing boats heading in and out from the main Patong beach. It was quiet, stunning & relaxing, well at least until we arrived bouldering in the water together and pushing one another back and forth on the rope swing hanging from a tree near by. We quickly noticed a slight theme to the visitors of Paradise beach, as all the men seemed a number of years older and the women, some Thai were all stunning and years younger than their partners on the beach, this lead to fantastic people watching for Kat while relaxing in the sun. Of course we were in Thailand so every beach we came across was generally gorgeous and the water pretty much called out to you enticing you to come in but our favourites were always the ones with rocks to climb and jump off, logs to try and run on or of course old swings hanging from the trees. The days passed quickly but were spent with many cocktails and hours on the beach and unlike our early plan we barely explored the remainder of Phuket as we didn't see how things could get any better. The one BIG problem we experienced while there was the purchase of alcohol! After drinking throughout the day on our 1st day it was clear we needed to purchase our drinks in some sort of bulk form for our times on the beach and in the Resort. However we quickly found out the no beverages were on sale that day due to the current election taking place. Without noticing we were both sadly standing outside a bottle store looking in and must have been giving out some sort of desperation vibe, as we were quickly approached by what can only be described as a hippy advising us of a little shop who were still selling alcohol down this alley way, around this corner, and down through the next street. We quickly summed up the pros and cons together and agreed that yes we did need a drink that badly! So through the alley ways we went and as the streets got smaller and darker Kat started to regret the decision thankfully we eventually came across a small shop with a fridge full of booze. The next evening we drank our pre purchased drinks and headed out for a night of partying, we were dropped off by the tuk tuk in the main street to find it absolutely rammed full of tourists wandering round wondering why nothing was open, little did we know it was the 100 day anniversary of the princess of Thailand's death, which did indeed mean no alcohol or music was allowed to be played after 8pm over the next 3 days. GREAT!

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